“Nothing about her music is deliberately marketable, but all of it is remarkable. By staying true to her singular vision, she’s opening minds”

Tris McCall, The Star Ledger

“Hailing from Spain, using her own body to incorporate percussive accents, she is an earthy grounding rod for some powerfully streaming wattage”

Katie Bull, The New York City Jazz Record

“ …A brave and growing creator, daughter of Andalusians who reinvents herself in the big apple, soaked in funk, bossa-nova, soul, jazz and flamenco sounds” / “… Her songs have been recorded with vitality, fluency and the real truth of live music”

Santiago Alcanda, El Mundo

“A worldly jazz outing as opposed to a world jazz outing, you don’t have to know what she’s singing about to enjoy the flavors and passion soaked deeply into the grooves. Sizzling stuff that brings the caliente in fine style throughout.”

Midwest Record

“The suavity of Rebeca’s voice is heartfelt, joyous, and emotive”

Matthew Forss, Inside World Music

“Outstanding, clear, refreshing”

Jesús Hernandez, Diario de las Americas